Empty noises

She sits alone at the table,

That’s the way Ana spends mosts of her evenings. Especially when she watches her sisters house when she’s away on business. Regardless, the emptiness of the home made her indifferent; not necessarily something Ana loves, but doesn’t despise. She feels that its a great way to get some space and chill from a hard day of work.

At least, that’s what Ana thought.

A loud rattling noise comes from the kitchen.

The sound startled Ana, it was quiet enough not to resonate through the house, but loud enough to shake her coffee, and her soul. Ana wasn’t sure of if there was another person in the house or if this was a fluke. She was scared, but she had to get to the bottom of this. She crept her way into the kitchen, wary to cause another disturbance. As soon as she reached the entrance of the kitchen, Ana heard the motion of feet run across the room. She couldn’t discern if the feet was either from a small animal or a human being. The feet sent her second guessing into overdrive. Should she be relieved, terrified, on guard? Is running the best option, or maybe its best to stay and fight this intruder, no matter the size. The best she can do is stand by the wall and hope for the…


A bird slides down a living room window. Concerning, but at least she can see the cause of noise problem. This was getting out of control, the noises were coming from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. The worst part of it Ana can’t really solve the problem. At least now she could sit down and try to relieve the tension she was feeling right now. She sat down at the table and tried to drink her now lukewarm coffee, taking the time to rub her temples between sips. Ana could feel things settling down, things were going back to normal, things we..

Beep beep beep beep.

The noise caused Ana to spill her drink on her white baggy shirt and jeans that. Now Ana was terrified. She had house sat time and time before, she could argue that this never happened. Thinking that this was a kitchen problem, she runs to see the presumed problem, but she sees that there are no issues in the kitchen. Everything is calm, and it’s driving her insane. Was this house finally turning against her? Ana was always good to the home she house sat? Or maybe it was her senses that was driving playing merciless games with her. Tears of fear welled up in her eyes, she yearned for the cacophony of chaos to go away. For peace and to return again, for the edge to go awa….


Now Ana is terrified, Splashing sounds from God knows where put her on edge. Ana doesn’t hold back her fear, at least this time. She lets out a blood curdling scream, followed by a loud cry. A relatively large man runs out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel, trying to see whats going on.

“Hey!” He yells, trying to get her attention.

“Who the fuck are you?” Ana spits out

“I’m the technician you guys called in. I came in to fix some things, and I found the bathroom, and I saw there was a shower, its a little hard to work,” the man says, trying not to scare Ana anymore than he has.

“But the beeping noises,” Ana said in disbelief,

“I found some food and I wanted to heat it up, but the microwave kept beeping. You guys should really fix that,” the technician said unaware of the irony of that statement.

“And the bird?”

“Oh yeah, the that bird is dumb as shit. I couldn’t stop laughing at hitting the window!”

“Well,” Ana says while mustering up authority, “I’m the house sitter and the home owner didn’t inform me that anyone would be coming into the house while I was here,”

With an uncanny precision, a voicemail comes from Ana’s phone.

“Hey Ana! I’m just calling in to see how you are doing, but I see that your not picking my three calls. For real, who’s so good that you can’t pick up the phone. So I also wanted to let you know that someone will becoming over to check on things in the house, he doesn’t like to use the front entrance but if he does it’s ok so don’t be scared ok. Thanks again for looking aster my house again, love you, bye!”

Ana and the technician both look at each other, confused and feeling silly at the whole debacle.

“You should really answer your phone more often,” the man says. Fueled by her displeasure, Ana shot a look. One that silenced the technician.

“So I’m going to leave now.” the technician says.

“Yeah, that would be great,” Ana replies as soon as she could.

The technician runs back the bathroom, and an exhausted Ana walks to the couch and lies face down on it. The experience ways trying, but at least it’s over.