It’s Time to Scrap the Electoral College

Our founders — aristocratic, learned men — feared democracy. The reason is simple: the vast majority of a society is always comprised of people who have less than the wealthy minority at the top. In a pure democracy — one person, one vote — the majority will eventually vote to take everything from the minority and give it to themselves.

The founders therefore created a republican form of government, and intentionally erected the electoral college as a barrier to the public’s choice of president. It would hopefully prevent the common folk from electing a scoundrel to the highest office in the land.

In theory, the people would choose electors — the wise men of their towns and villages — who would then vote for the wisest of them all as President of the United States.

The founders also feared political parties. Yet they sprang up almost immediately: think Hamilton vs. Jefferson. (So much for disinterestedly choosing the wisest man.)

Today the electoral college has become an anchor, dragging the ship named Liberty aground. Every four years it creates “battleground states” to which presidential candidates pander, since they are the only states that really matter. Worse, it has created a monster in California, a forever-Blue state with its massive number of electoral votes — 55 in year 2016.

Because of the electoral college, voters in the Golden State are worth more than those in other states, and this is patently unfair. In case you just went “Huh?,” let me explain. Consider California and its next-door neighbor Nevada with 6 electoral votes, and assume the vote for president in both states is very close:

 Democrat 6,000,001 
 Republican 6,000,000

 Democrat 500,000 
 Republican 500,001

Democrat 6,500,001
 Republican 6,500,001

Get it? Each candidate got the same number of votes, but in the electoral college CA will cast a block of 55 votes while NV casts 6. Each voter in California is therefore nine times more important than a Nevada voter — due to nothing but his/her location.

If this isn’t simply absurd and w-r-o-n-g in the 21st century, I don’t know what is. The kicker is that due to its population’s composition, California will likely remain a bastion of the Democrats for centuries, providing an unjust advantage to that party. It’s time to end the anachronistic electoral college.