My First Kiss

It’s the most special kiss of life, as it lasts forever on your lips.

It happened on a movie date. Me and him were growing desperate to complete eachother. It was a boring movie with many viewers and uncomfortable us. He took my hand in his’s as we sat next to eachother and next to an aunty beside my other. I was very much subconscious about my surroundings and making him distance to myself which eventually lead him to grab my arm and pull me to his side more and more. Laying his head on my shoulder he said “your fragrance, it’s mesmerizing” and dug his head more into my arms leaving me blush. The movie was about a murder mystery solving and happened to be a real story which lead us talking about it as we were filled with non-privacy environment. It was finally the intermission which made him release my hand from him and I took a washroom break. When I returned from there he asked me whether we should go down and I said okay for I also need some alone time with him. We went down , sat on the very row were no one was present and he again held my hand this time sitting to my right. As the movie resumed thoughts started playing inside my head about kissing him. I desperately wanted him to kiss me and he wasn’t doing a single step of reaching me. He finally broke the silence, asked me to kiss him. My hands started sweating and my mind was mapping to reach my lips to his’s. I leaned sideways, closed my eyes and pouted my lips wishing him to come forward too and I failed, I failed at plotting the map and failed at getting him kiss me. Lips was urging for the kiss, they were trembling for the touch of his lips onto mine and it didn’t happend. Disappointment grew like a magic tree and reached were to a point of 'no kissing today too’.

When the kiss didn’t came, I sat back normally on my seat not speaking at all and mostly hiding my face for failed kiss attempt and started concentrating on the boring movie I came to. Then he suddenly leans from his seat , tilts his head and reaches my face until our lips meet. He pressed his lips over mine and kept his hands on my neck while I sat there , not moving an inch and tightly closing my eyes to discover our kiss. It was rough and smooth and fierce and calm. It went from the dancing of lips holding together to grabbing the teeths making it ripple upon the tongue. I opened my eyes once inbetween to see him enjoying the kissing and so much involved in it like it’s the best job he could ever handle. Once the lips were parted, the reality hit me like anything, my head had a big swirl inside, my eyes started blurring and head got numb, I wasn’t able to feel anything and not able to hear the movie. Then came a hand on my shoulder asking “everything alright?” . It was then I grabbed his hand, interlocking into mine, resting my head on his shoulder and wishing for him to forever be mine.

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