The Happiness

I once knew a person from whom I learnt what happiness is defined as. ‘Accepting what God has given, it is the best for us, it is happiness’… I never knew what he meant unless one day he pleased me to buy a lollipop. He was a 19year old big guy and skinny as one can possibly be. He makes me wonder about him in so many things and pleasing me to buy a lollipop was one of them. His favourite was the green apple ones, for he liked it sour and hard. ‘A”, his name, was the gemstone guy you’ll ever find while you search for the diamonds and stop at this gemstone. He was a box of treasure for which you wouldn’t want to share with anyone, no single one, else. Contrary to his age was his behaviour, very much childish yet very much lovable.

One day me, ‘A’ and few more friends were talking and hanging out together. Probably laughing at stupid jokes we make. ‘A’ has always cracked me up with his jokes which I don’t remember any now. Suddenly he tells me to go and get the lollipop and I got stuck. I asked him twice, making sure I head it right. I went to the shopkeeper I bought two Lollipop and gave him both. The happiness in his eyes was unexplainable. He ate it with so much love, with so much gratefulness like it’s the sweetest dish on this planet. When I reached back home and texted him he texted back saying thank you for the lollies for he didn’t had any food since morning and was starving so much and couldn’t control and ate them right there.

We sometimes do things that mean so much to the other person and we wouldn’t be having a single idea about it.