Charlie Hebdo: This Attack Was Nothing To Do With Free Speech — It Was About War

A ‘free speech’ machine. It looks for people who do not have enough free speech and then gives them some
After all its only a joke! They make fun of white people as well!
French colonial forces making sure everyone can speak freely
After the Egyptian dictator seized power and started shooting Muslims who opposed him — the paper ran this headline “The Quran is sh*t it doesnt stop bullets” — Imagine if a Muslim paper did this about them now — still find it funny?
Killing Muslim children doesnt make Muslims take up arms — its just they hate freedom of speech honest!
The Orientalist racist stereotype of the Muslim humourless barbarian — in this image of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH — it says “100 lashes if you don’t die laughing!”
Drone strike — another dead Muslim




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Asghar Bukhari

Asghar Bukhari

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