10 Simple Steps to stop white people taking over the world

Ever wondered what Muslims would be like if they talked like white people — read on!

As Westerners tune in their radio stations or turn on their television sets and listen to hate preachers that now dominate the airwaves, people of color and especially Muslims are growing uneasy.

White people are not born evil and some avoid it all their lives, but they are easily led into mass violence, especially when some white guy on the Television says they should.

This may be down to a large portion of them being swayed by the secularized Judeo-Christian culture. A culture with roots in dark ages of Europe, (you know when they burned old white women for being witches) which was just before they started burning black people for being black and Muslims for being Muslim.

White culture, this strange, highly tribal set of ideas, has through the ages, pushed faceless white masses into zombie like violence. Note all world wars have been started by them. Today their Talmudic/Biblical scriptures (you know those violent books they think are from their white god) urge them to make war with a made up Disney country! — (notice they didn’t want to invade Narnia, cause white people rule that).

Crusaders & Radicalization

White wars, also known as ‘Crusades’ have perplexed Muslim intellectuals for hundreds of years, but the question “why do they hate us” still remains unanswered.

But as radicalisation grows, and another Crusade begins, so does the need to combat it.

Noticing a white radical is not as easy as it was in the good old days of the Klan. Klan members helpfully dressed in smart colour coded uniforms to help Black people identify them. Today’s young extremists blend into the population, forcing Muslims to harm civilians in an attempt to stop another nation being invaded.

A set of demands has been set out by community leaders in an attempt to stop the the white conveyor belt to extremism which inexorably always ends up in mass murder and white people trying to take over the World.

10 Steps To World Peace

1.Don’t let white people out: POC Leaders thank Donald Trump for trying to save Muslim lives by telling them not to enter America, that is one billionaire who is always thinking of the little guy.

He is right of course, it is indeed a dangerous place right now (due to some crazy dude making it legal for white people to have guns). However this does not go far enough.

Representative organisations from the non-white world, want white countries to extend this safety net to the rest of the world, by not letting white people leave any white country. A Muslim spokesperson stated:

Tens of thousands of people are coming into our countries with with Christian flags on their cell phones — I dont think so

2. Increased security: White politicians need to spend some of the money they stole on increased security. Kidnapping white people and torturing them offshore just in case they ‘did some shit and be lying about it’ is a sensible way forward, considering the scale of the threat. Orange jump suits would help black and brown people easily identify them since white people tend to look a lot like each other.

“Not all white people start wars, but all wars involve white people”

3.Racial profiling: We do not believe in racial profiling, since it is wrong to be racist, but lets face it, although ‘not all white people start wars, all wars involve white people’. Perhaps a few questions at the airport could identify which one of those clean-shaven-types keep voting for people who end up invading everyone — just putting it out there.

4.Hate preachers: White hate preachers usually hang out where they can discuss extremist ideas without being overheard. Places where no Muslim or black man is generally welcome — like the Media. Now freedom of speech for all people is a sacred right, since we had to fight white people to get ours. But free speech is not to be confused with hate speech. To be sure that does not happen — we suggest a drone strike.

Don’t get all upset. Only white people will be targeted. To ensure we get as many white people as we can, once the first bomb is deployed, we suggest waiting until other concerned white people come to dig them out of the rubble and then come back and bomb them too. (Its called double tap, look it up on Google.)

5.Saving Lives by taking lives: Now Muslims do not want to send our Mujahadeen to sort white peoples extremist problem out. The Mujahadeen believe in a peaceful God unlike this strange war god ‘white-Jesus’. To facilitate saving Muslim soldiers lives we think its better if a few white civilians die instead. To aid this, drone strikes should be extended to cover people who resemble white people , you know appear ‘a bit too white’ for their own good.

To ensure civilians losses are kept to a minimum, only white men and women above 16 in a group and in a combat zone (America & Europe generally) are to be killed (unless white children are present — then its not really our fault — why bring kids to a warzone!). A drone strike on random white people, standing around talking to friends, may sound harsh — but don’t they realise its looks suspicious?

Nice Words

IF you still feel uncomfortable about this, rest assured we will do everything in our power to change words to make you feel better. We can stop using the word ‘killing’ and say things like ‘taken out’ or ‘we got em’ or just call everyone ‘militants’ — makes them sound evil.

Calling it a signature strike will also help make Muslims feel better about it. It makes it sound like you are just striking a paper with your pen, extremely forcefully, upon signing it and not killing off a family.

Some white people may object to this (terrorist sympathizers are always whining). However they should remember this killer counter point before embarrassing themselves — white people kill more white people than we do! …..

6.Reforming backward culture: Since white people have been going around the world, history has proven their backward culture seems to follow them. As long as they don’t try to take over the country, we don’t mind if white people want to come to non-white countries on holiday, but cant they leave their plotting, uneducated, backward shit they do at home?

Like why do they always have to get naked everywhere, put some damn clothes on, or speaking that weird American they do — man you are in Dubai — wtf — educate yourselves, speak Arabic, or that old white middle aged man’s favorite past time ‘kiddy fiddling’ — cut that shit out.

Integration scares white people for a very good reason

7.Integration: People of color (POC) wonder if the lack of white people integrating makes them want to kill everyone who isn’t white. Therefore integrating white people is a priority, the ‘no-go-zones’ like the Oscars (a place where white people give other white people prizes) and lets face it every other well paid job, that POC are barred from must be challenged — and before we forget, can white people stop moving out of their damn house when some colored person moves next door — ban that shit.

8.Poor Work Ethic: It has come to our attention that white people do not like to work hard like everyone else. That’s why they always use the system to get the top jobs without actually having to work for it and that explains why they keep invading countries to steal everyone else’s shit. If you

are reading this, lets face it — your boss is probably white. Coincidence? Note how the laziest, least productive and most glamorous jobs are dominated by white people — Banking, fashion, porn, political parties, media. You ever seen a white guy digging up minerals out of the dirt for a dollar a month in the Congo, so some black shareholders can use their iphone — me neither — Do some damn work!

9. Uncle Tom: White people need to condemn other white people, to make Muslims feel like they are tackling the problem. Simple as that. Get some white guy on Muslim TV slagging off other white people, after which the system should reward him, by getting him a book deal about how he was ‘radical’ before he saw the light. Then set him up with a good job (in a white University think tank) so other white people think ‘he got all that for slagging white people off, I can do that too!’.

Make sure the paid ‘reformed extremist’ re-enforces all the shit that we just made up above. Basically admit shit, even if its not true — be an Uncle Tom. Embarrass your whole community by making out you are the only good guy out there and every other white guy is secretly trying to kill us. Justify to us why we need to hate them.

10.Jewish Shit. Lastly, if you are white and Jewish, and born in New York and for some reason are thinking of flying off to some Palestinians home, in the Middle East; knocking on his door and shooting him and his family. All because when Pharoah was around, you think you were a brown guy from Palestine, and mad that they have been living in your house rent free for 2000 years, while you were in New York. STFU and sit your ass back down.