I am not a mainstream Muslim — they follow an unjust God

Let him die — you wont get to heaven by saving him

Some Muslims accuse me of not following what mainstream Muslims follow and they are right in that accusation. I grew up as an orthodox Sufi but now as an older man reaching my 50’s I chart my own course to understanding my Maker.

I do not follow these Sufi’s, Salafis, Tablighi’s or any other and I have spent time with all of them. My constant scholar in these matters, is reason and reflection.

I figure if these religious mainstream Muslims were right, with all their so called Islamic knowledge, studying everything from ‘tajweed’ to ‘fiqh’ to you name it — they studied it. How could it be, that hardly any of these, so called religious men, do as much for the people of this world, than good non-Muslims do.

Non Muslims do more, even for the animals, than these so called scholars and students of knowledge!

Does our God command less Justice upon us, than the disbelievers ideology obligates them to believe? — So much for the ‘believers are the best of mankind’.

An Unjust God

If their Islam is the Truth, sent down by Allah, it leaves me only one conclusion, that Allah is unjust.

For surely when God sent down his message to man, how could He have not commanded, made obligatory, upon His people, the importance of stopping injustice? A just God, a true God would brook no excuse by those who claimed they believed, but then refused to stand firm against a tyranny that destroyed the powerless.

If their Islam is true and they understand God correctly and I incorrectly, then rituals are my main concern, clothes and all manner things must be perfected and once I am ritually perfect, I may do some ad-hoc good in helping those dying in the streets.

But what if I refused to do Justice, being a busy man, I simply did not find the time, yet I prayed and did all my rituals? — well God is not all that concerned as I would still enter paradise.

If I did not pray, I would burn in hell, but if I allowed tyranny to rule this earth, young men, women and children to die without lifting a finger — no big deal.

That was the god they followed?

And yet when I read the Quran I see a God who upholds Justice as his foremost concern. For within its pages are written that religion itself was given by Him to establish Justice. To make a world where the weak are safe.

“We sent Our Messengers with clear signs and sent down with them the Book and the Measure in order to establish justice among the people…” (Quran 57:25)

And how Allah (God) calls those who refused to fight injustice hypocrites. Outraged at those who made excuses He said:

“And what is wrong with you that you fight not in the Cause of Allah, and for those weak, ill-treated and oppressed among men, women, and children, whose cry is: “Our Lord! Rescue us from this town whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from You one who will protect, and raise for us from You one who will help.” — Quran (4:75)

What Justice have we given the people of this world — honestly, ask yourself this, all we do is hide in the Mosques!

Little children drown in the sea, or have their legs blown off in this crusader war of terror and even as they die, they are called ‘cockroaches’ or ‘terrorists’ by those who have only hatred for Muslims.

And the pathetic response by us is to organise another — ‘Tajweed class’. The correct pronunciation of the Quran is more important than acting on what is commands.

My enemies

I see the mainstream as colonized, they don't like it, but in Truth I have not seen a single solid argument by them against my accusations. These lovers of debate, these speakers and scholars of mainstream Islam, have astutely hidden themselves away when challenged, instead sending their attack dogs to insult instead of reason.

I want to put it on record too, that I have nothing against other non-mainstream beliefs. I don’t hate those who take only the Quran for a source of knowledge (and refuse to accept hadith). I don’t hate women who run their own mosques (or even those lead the prayer). They are not my enemies because of their beliefs. I still love them. It is not my place to agree or disagree with their conclusions when trying to understand Islam in the world today. Both are reactions to mainstream Muslims refusing to address real concerns, busying themselves pathetically in all manner of trivial matters.

My enemies are only those Muslims who talk of every trivial matter — claiming love for Allah, His messenger while looking the other way as the poor and despised of this world are murdered in front of their eyes. I see these religious sounding devils as nothing short of hypocrites. Islam never went further than their ugly throats.

I understand now, why so many of these Muslims get so mad over my differences in personal religious beliefs. To them an attack on Islam, is a challenge to the way they see a ritual performed or a matter of fiqh. An attack on Islam to me is an attack on justice — the very reason Islam came to this earth.

So when I pray in English they go mental, hundreds of them — sharing on social media the heresy of my actions as proof I was evil all along! But when they abandon Justice — it is of no consequence to them.

We follow two different Islam’s. Two different God’s. I follow an Islam where Allah is both Merciful and Just and taught me to try to follow that path — they follow an Islam of an unjust god — who has little concern for the suffering of the weak and the poor, whose main concern is what clothes they wear and the correct way they pray.

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