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Jul 6, 2015 · 10 min read

What evil ideology, what extremist beliefs, radicalised such a large body of white western men and women, so much that they would allow their own elected Government to murder millions of people — and once they had murdered them — blame the people they murdered for causing their own deaths?

The black guy needed to be de-radicalised

Why did so many white Europeans, never get around to learning that their wars, were not just destroying the world, but had done so for hundreds of years. This hatred, this need for violence, this desire to kill those different from them was age-old. In 1095 it led them to march hundreds of miles in a Crusade that butchered 70,000 Muslim men, women and children. Unsurprisingly In the very city they believe their own ‘whitewashed-Jesus-loves-you-god’ lived in.

Neither have they changed. In the last fifteen years between 2–4 million Muslims have been murdered in the so called ‘war on terror’ a new study revealed.

Nor can they simply put it down to those who follow the Christian faith. Whether white Westerners took Christianity, atheism, science, liberal values, capitalism, or the colour of their skin to signify their supremacy, they inexorably used it to commit genocide after genocide, massacre after massacre. Africans, Native Americans, Aborigines, Muslims and many more all suffered at the hands of their supremacist ideology.

Killing your way to privilege.

With modern weaponry in their hands, they colonised the world. Started two world wars, burned alive millions of innocent civilians and when the dust settled, carved out crippled, manufactured nations across the world. Once they had put in place their dictators, they then starved and tortured millions more for their economic order — and if the people they subjugated ever fought back — more wars.

This supremacist idea that white people could do to the world as they pleased, had given the world nothing but violence. Now the violent backlash was coming to its own shores. Hence Muslims taking up arms are just another poisoned fruit of the Western Worlds racist ideology — The war on terror was just another cheap excuse for a white man to kill his way to privilege.

The only thing they ever gave Muslims — Was Orphans

No victim too young to be punished ..a baby girl found in rubble in Gaza

The terrorists that were spawned off the back of their wars were the white man’s terrorists. They planted the seeds in the Muslim world. They watered the crop with bombs and torture and now when they they don’t like the taste of the fruit — they want to blame Islam!

What White people want to believe..

Muslims are increasingly belligerent and increasingly that belligerency is turning to violence.

Now white people want to believe it’s because we follow a backward barbaric religion — because savages do things like that unless white people civilise them. This belief was not at all surprising, after all their elites had brainwashed them about Muslims for over a thousand years. A thousand years of lies, smears and propaganda against Muslims, is not easy to shake off.

That is why they keep telling Muslims that Islam needs a reformation, to make it a bit more liberal, less violent, more tolerant — in other words more pliant and accepting of their violence.

The left and liberal classes, who are generally more sympathetic say Islam is a religion of peace, but it has been warped by extreme people to do awful things — but both lay the blame on either Muslims or their faith.

Neither is true. The real reason is far closer to home.

‘When the black man strikes back’

It took me far too long to understand how central a role IDEOLOGY plays. The reason is, I kept looking at the one place the media told me to look —at Muslims.

I would often be called to appear on the Media and explain to the public the reason that Muslims were taking to violence. I would explain that it was because of our foreign policy. That you couldn’t kill millions of people around the world, take away their freedom and expect them not to turn to violence.

In fact there were no people on this earth who had not taken to violence when similar oppressive circumstances had occurred against them — why did they now think Muslims should act differently?

Yet inexplicably, despite all the evidence and research done in this area, it always seemed to fall on deaf ears.

Malcolm X explains the hypocritical way whites expected others to behave like.

White people always took to violence for a rational reason, Muslims only because they were fanatics

I started to realise that the problem was deeper than policy, when I was confronted time and again, with white people unbelievably rejecting clear evidence, proving the causes of terrorism. Often those taking up arms against the West would even spell out the reason, why they were doing so — Take Bin Laden’s publicly available list of demands as an example of this.

No matter what I said, they still kept laying the blame on the Muslim faith. Something deeper was stopping them from believing what I said was true. What shocked me was why something so obvious should be so easily ignored in favour of a prejudiced quackery about Islam needing reform, hate preachers, the internet radicalising young people blah, blah, blah.

Countering this nonsense left me agitated and exhausted. I started to wake up to the fact that the problem was not some distant government ‘policy’ that the white western public were unaware of — but the white peoples prejudice itself.

Because you see, even when I made them aware of what was going on — all too often, they simply brushed it off, made excuses, side stepped or excused the atrocities committed in their names. I was left dumbfounded at how lightly they treated the deaths of millions of innocent Muslims.

It wasn’t that they didn’t know — they didn’t want to know.

It just didn't fit into with the white prejudiced narrative they held. They did not believe they could do any wrong and even the wrong they did do, was for the right reasons. So when I highlighted the horrific repercussions of their wars, it created a cognitive dissonance. They could not marry their self image of moral superiority with the barbarous results of their actions. This knowledge lowered their self image, in their own eyes — So they kept their eyes shut.

You see what I had failed to understand, was that I was never going to convince them, unknown to me, it was challenging their very understanding of themselves. It was psychologically impossible for the white brainwashed mind to accept, they were responsible for the people they were killing — at best that made them the cause of terrorism. At worse, that made them the terrorists.

What made it infinitely more unpalatable was that I, one of the savages that needed civilizing was telling them this — the cheek!


Policies are not abstract acts created by distant elites, plucked out of thin air. People allow a policy to be formed, implemented and continued.

For example, try getting white westerners to accept a policy where 2% of their wealth goes to the people they have bombed, around the world and see how quickly that policy gets shut down.

But get a policy where in the last fifteen years you kill up to four million Muslims and that policy sails through even though it cost twice as much.

To some extent I can understand why young open minded white people still find it almost impossible to be held responsible for their actions. It is turning everything they had been taught by the Media, about themselves and their society on its head.

White Media

White people like to call it ‘mainstream media’ and the Media like to describe themselves as the ‘free media’. Whatever it is defined as, it spends countless hours re-enforcing this prejudice. The Media upholds white self-image through a whitewashed history. All their murderous wars were always someone else fault, and when they couldn’t blame someone else— they simple wrote it out of the pages of history.

So desperate were white elites, to abrogate responsibility for what happened in the world and what is happening, that they even payed Muslims to re-enforce their lies — white people like to call this type ‘moderates’, whereas Muslims call them ‘Uncle Toms’ — A word they learned from black Americans during segregation. They had learned that white people used often used black voices to subjugate and oppress black people.

LITTLE KNOWN FACT: White people are often frightened of the people they are bombing and stealing from.

The white elites knew how to keep their own masses distracted. They not only taught and re-enforced their sense of superiority and right to privilege in every conceivable way, but at the same time kept them pliant by frightening them that it could all be taken away.

This fear is pumped out endlessly on the white media, in twenty-four hour news, radio talk shows, newspapers. It reminded white people, just how frightened of Muslims they should be.

Tune into any of the white media on any given day and you can hear them asking themselves, again and again, what can we do about the ‘Islamists’. By that they mean Muslims. After all these Muslim hoards, were coming to live in their country, shopping in the same grocery stores, sitting on the same buses and trains and even living in the house next door! They could never know, when one would turn ‘a-bit-too-Muslim’ and BOOM!

Imagine how frightening it is being a white person, having to wake up in the morning, draw their curtains and bang — a Muslim is standing there.


White Is Not A Race Or A Colour

Now don’t misunderstand me, I know all white people are not the same. And some of them are far more awake to the problem than I am and more active in confronting it — look at Russell Brand, Frankie Boyle and George Galloway as famous examples.

By white I do not mean a colour either, white is more than a colour, it is a culture, a political outlook, a system, a set of prejudices and beliefs and not every white westerner subscribes to them although most tacitly accept it and benefit from it.

I am also well aware that their elites use this supremacist belief to maintain their hold over other white people. Stealing trillions from them, whilst getting their media to divert their attention towards the poorest non-white immigrants. People whose homelands they have destroyed or are in the process of destroying. A brilliant tactic to ensure the masses never look upwards at the people with the real power and money.

White men sending their ‘freedom’ to the natives.

I also know that Islamophobia in the West, is organised and paid for, to a very large degree by Israel and its Zionist supporters. They fund the machine across the world for their own geopolitical benefit. They hope, they can create enough hatred for Muslims that it can get young Western men and women to fight its wars against the Muslim World for Israel.

But neither of those manipulating powers could get away with it, unless a lot of white people did not, deep down, believe that they alone, were human enough to live and be free. Everyone else could only do so, as long as they did not upset their dominant world order.

Just stay quiet

You see white people know they benefit from a racist world order that preys on billions of downtrodden people in other parts of the world, they know that the system murders people, to keep white people powerful and rich. White people didn't have to scream racist abuse at Muslims — they just had to let the system keep doing what it was doing around the world — they just had to shrug their shoulders and keep quiet — keep the status quo.

You can’t get millions of people to constantly elect mass murderers unless secretly, they didn't see the people they murdered as human. Then to top it all, cover their crime, by claiming it was the faith of the people they murdered that was causing a violent Muslim backlash.

War Is Terrorism — Being white, speaking in English and wearing a suit doesn’t change that fact.

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A snapshot into the hatred that lends itself to murder.

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