Democratic power grab

Democrats are trying to capitalize on the Russia thing in order to distance themselves in some way from republicans, because they are becoming, essentially, one and the same. Rather than progressive policy change proposals (which is impossible in this administration) or coalition and organization building (all democrats in power know is fundraising), they need a scare tactic to both repel voters away from republicans and attract them to the democratic party.

Which voters are they trying to attract with this red-baiting bullshit? The old fox-news watching republican voters, of course. Who better to use the “USSR red-scare” on than the people who went crazy about it the first time around? Only this time it’s the Democrats using it against the most unpopular president ever.

Could it work? Would this thing be enough to secure a Democratic win for 2018? Well, if the whole investigation thing doesn’t turn up anything, no. But if there is anything there, possibly. One more factor to consider is that Democrats are indeed the Globalists half of the Globalist-Capitalistic government we have. They are demonstrably about the social issues of people, especially minorities, immigrant, etc. So they win on that front. We already know that all minorities are more likely to vote (D), especially now that Donald Trump is pushing for the deportation of many non-violent undocumented Hispanics and the Muslim Travel Ban.

If the Democrats take this route, find dirt on Trump to connect him to Russia, in such a way that shows he made promises that undermined the public good of the United States, or/and that he conspired with the Russians to hack the DNC and release the emails exposing them for the Corporatist sellouts that they are, well that would be ground for impeachment and he would just bow out.

This would assure a victory for the Democratic Party as they will be the “Hero” who took down the evil that was corrupting and subverting the bastion of “democracy” that is our government.

Unfortunately, this pendulum-like government isn’t helping the people, no matter who sits in the White House. The masses are getting tired of it. This presidency is proof of it. People want change, and they’re willing to go the low road in order to achieve it. When the pendulum of the government swings hard in one direction, it will swing even harder toward the other direction, which is cause for concern as we continue with this chaotic administration.