Rethinking Memberships

Today, Parksify gets a new supporting membership option

When I first launched supporting memberships for my publication, Parksify, I chose to go with the crowdfunding style of Patreon. This enabled me to gain a small network of supporters, while giving them a chance to receive perks including Parksify T-shirts and stickers.

But recently, I began to rethink supporting memberships for Parksify. While Patreon was great, I wanted to move away from crowdfunding style memberships and to create a more sustainable subscription model. So today, I launched a simple supporting membership form.

Here, supporters can sign up for a $5 monthly supporting membership. The T-shirt and sticker options are gone, but each new member will receive a Parksify tote bag.

Why these changes?

I feel that as Parksify grows, we need to grow our supporter base and focus more on content and the vastly growing Parksify Podcast. This means spending less time ordering stickers and different sizes of T-shirts, and managing the logistics and more time editing podcast episodes, securing interviews and writing columns.

I’m hoping these changes simplify the supporter options, making it easier to not only manage on the back end but also easier to understand for our supporters and potential supporters.

Parksify has been evolving lately. Over the past few months, we’ve added our podcast episodes to YouTube, joined Instagram and began publishing on Apple News in addition to and iTunes. And, of course, we’re on Twitter and Facebook.

We’ve also seen an uptick in listens of the Parksify Podcast across multiple platforms. Overall, we’re in a great position now to move forward and to continue growing Parksify and the Parksify brand.

For those of you who are already supporting Parksify on Patreon, you won’t see any changes to your membership. But starting today, new supporters have the opportunity to join us to produce the Parksify Podcast and columns for just $5 a month. That’s less than .17 cents a day!

If you’ve thought about becoming a Parksify supporting member, now is the perfect time.

Memberships are more important than ever. Media and news sites have tried for years to fund their work through advertising, and many went under as a result. Lately, sites are turning to memberships to fund their work. We’re doing the same because we know there’s a tribe out there who will help us produce our work.

Personally, I’ve never received start-up funds for Parksify, or advertising fees, 100% of all funding for Parksify comes from supporters.

To me, supporters are the perfect means for sustaining Parksify, as it allows members to take part in our work and to directly impact the outcome by funding the Parksify Podcast and columns.

I am forever thankful to Parksify’s supporters. We have 18 individuals now and are making a total of $83 per month, but this still isn’t enough to sustain the site and podcast. So please consider becoming a supporting member today.

I’m excited about the future ahead for Parksify and am looking forward to growing the supporting memberships, which will go directly towards funding Parksify. I’m hoping today’s change will make it easier for everyone to support our work.


Ash Blankenship
Founder, Parksify