Making Big Changes

One of the biggest fears I hear expressed when working with people whom are about to make Big Changes is that they are afraid of losing relationships in their lives if they change too much. The fact is It’s True and Painful…

But is it the reason that you won’t make the real changes for yourself? Changes that you know deep in your heart of hearts is the best thing for your self growth, development and happiness….Are you going to let the fear of people not following you Stop you?

I personally have experienced this over and over again in my life. And sure it has been sad, uncomfortable and also amazingly necessary. Necessary in order for me to grow, expand and become who I am today. By making the Big Changes despite the fear has helped me help many other people from a deep sense of service and compassion that would never have been there if I had not taking a leap of faith.

Years ago when I moved countries, which by the way was scary and nerve racking to say the least. But there were plenty of people in my life who phased out of my life because they could not understand why I was doing what I was choosing. I learned to respect them and wish them well anyway. But It was really difficult to be in a strange country on your own dealing with that feeling of loss. However on the flip side, there were a few that stood by my side and still do today no matter what changes I set out to take on.

And what I learned….is that it’s okay. Life has a way of providing exactly what you need at the perfect time you need it. People from all corners of the world will show up to support and cheer you on as you take a leap and make true changes.

Are you making big changes and getting out on the field to play this wonderful Game of Life?


Are you sitting in the stands watching, observing and waiting for the right time to jump in because you are too afraid to commit to your own growth and happiness out of fear of the actual changes that are needed?

The self work that we do reflects how we show up in our lives. Make the commitment to yourself to take the leap into the unknown and learn how to trust the process. Life is Now.

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