What You Imagine, You Create.

Have you ever noticed that the way that you think and feel directly impact your experiences?

For example, Say you are a top executive with managers underneath you. You have to have a meeting with them to inspire and motivate them to produce more and hit the goals for the new quarter. How are you showing up to that meeting? Sure you are prepared with what you need to say…. but how are You really showing up to that meeting? Are you calm, energetic, clear in your mission? If you were standing in the shoes of your managers, would you be inspired and motivated by You to go for it full speed ahead?


Are you showing up stressed out, low energy , desperate to hit the goals and completely in a place of instilling fear and shame into your managers instead of inspiring them to get them to do what you want?

Which way do you think will get you the results that you want and maybe even go above and beyond?

Sure you will have a combination of results with both ways of you showing up as the top executive but what state benefits your vitality to create what you want. How does it feel to do it from a calm, energetic, clear, inspiring position?

What we think about and feel about is crucial to what we create in our lives.. 
The amazing thing is that it is pretty easy to learn how to become that kind of person who is able to achieve high energy, balance and clarity without losing out on anything that you are currently doing and loving in your life. We just need to practice and have some awareness about some basic principles that we can put into action into our daily lives.

I invite you to take notice of this in your life this week. See how you are showing up in your life. Is it what you want to create?


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