Yeah… I believe entrepreneurial remains restrained in its original connotation due to a lack of…
Civil Servant

Group dynamics; now that is interesting. If we step back to the late 90’s and early 2000’s there was a move in POV on innovation and change towards how an organisation is actually a system — interdependent, connected entity that can’t be looked at in silos. An entrepreneur can only be truly successful when their vision is translated, understood and then delivered by the team that supports them. We often view innovation from purely a start-up perspective but it can also come out of established business who may have their own norms and working practices that need to be disrupted to deliver innovation.

Totally agree, we all love and get distracted by the shiny object but actually effectiveness and enhancing the capacity of all people to work productively towards the common goal is actually how things can be achieved.

Thanks for responding — you’ve made me consider a different perspective.

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