#WorldEmojiDay on Facebook isn’t harmless fun


That’s how I feel about Facebook’s sickeningly cheerful distraction on #WorldEmojiDay.

It may seem silly and harmless, but it’s not. This is normalization of the highest order. It contributes to the illusion that nothing is happening.

FRIENDS, SOMETHING GRAVE JUST HAPPENED AT THE #TREASONSUMMIT in Helsinki. The American President sided with our adversary, not our own intelligence and law enforcement, about Russian election interference. This, after dealing a massive blow to our NATO alliance.

Facebook’s decision to promote World Emoji Day today is infuriating given its role in the 2016 American Presidential election. Facebook contributed to the mess we’re in, and today it added insult to injury with this obsequious bit of “harmless fun.” Everything is fine! Nothing to see here! It’s World Emoji Day! Scroll along, and click some ads while you’re at it!

Don’t look to Facebook to tell you when the alarm bells are ringing. Facebook is not a utility, and it’s not your friend. It’s a corporation serving its investors, not you, and not the greater good. The happier you feel while you scroll along, the more money Facebook makes. Remember the movie Wall-E? Look away. Look around. Look up.

If you know me, you know I believe in pursuing joy while taking civic action. I do NOT believe we must abandon fun and rest while we fight for America’s ideals and freedoms. But we all know the difference between joy and distraction. Facebook pushing our pleasure buttons with empty cotton candy nonsense is NOT creating joy. It’s encouraging avoidance, and it’s irresponsible, and it’s dangerous.

We need every American to DO and SAY SOMETHING right now, today. We can fix this, but it takes each of us working together. Start here. Choose one or all.

  1. Subscribe to a reputable news source.
  2. Join your local Indivisible group.
  3. Sign up for Swing Left and work to flip nearby house seats blue.
  4. Sign up for #PostcardstoVoters and encourage your fellow citizens to vote in November.
  5. Stand on a neighborhood street corner with a sign. Invite your friends to join you. Visibility is crucial. Check out #StandOnEveryCorner.
  6. Set aside the first weekend in November to help turn voters out for the midterm elections. Sign up for The Last Weekend for updates.
  7. VOTE ON NOVEMBER 6, 2018.