The difference between feeling ready and being ready

An invitation and a challenge

Pausing for self-care is not “abandoning the cause” or sticking your head in the sand or turning your back on people. It is a NECESSARY part of maintaining and building your strength and resolve as we move into whatever the future holds.

It is every person’s right to care for her- or himself. Don’t let anyone EVER shame you for taking time or space for self-care, however that looks for you.

Don’t let anyone tell you how or when you should do it (through action, through meditation, through music, through community, through solitude, etc.).

To be clear: silence or apathy is not an option. When you are ready, you MUST come out and speak up. But “being ready” is not the same thing as “feeling ready.” Many of us will never *feel* ready to wade into this painful new reality and place of profound discomfort. But we must do it anyway. Together.

I am challenging you to do two things right now: to have the insight to care for yourself when you need to, and the courage to fight, even when you don’t feel ready.