I’m looking to hire an intern at Accomplice this summer to help with research and diligence, portfolio company support, and immersion into the world of crypto venture capital.

This opportunity is suited for individuals with technical backgrounds. Concepts such as on-chain metrics, CDPs, sharding, and bonding curves are things you understand well and may have a thesis around. Maybe you ran your own validator, maybe you built a DeFi arbitrage bot, maybe you’ve deployed your own ERC20 and provided liquidity on Uniswap, or maybe you’ve built your own methodology for evaluating on-chain activity.

For background, I have been investing in…

This piece seeks to cover the emerging trend of “aggregators” within decentralized finance on Ethereum. First coined in 2017, DeFi has grown enormously since inception, unbundling the financial stack into an open, permissionless system. I will highlight the modular nature of the DeFi stack, and the role of aggregators.

In December 2017, MakerDAO launched Dai, a crypto-collateralized stablecoin built atop the Ethereum network. The Maker team has in many ways been the darling of DeFi, as Dai and Maker’s tooling have served as core building blocks for DeFi. …

In the early 2000s, the term ‘Paypal Mafia’ was popularized by early employees and founders who came out of Paypal and went on to start their own wildly successful tech companies. Drawing from that idea, this article seeks to cover the formation and flow of talent pools within the crypto landscape today.

At Accomplice, we’re believers in the ideology of being ‘defined by the company we keep’. This ethos underscores a deep understanding of both markets and the entrepreneurs building companies, before embarking on multi-year startup journeys alongside founders. …

Since the publication of Bitcoin’s white paper 10 years ago, an entire ecosystem of entrepreneurs, companies, and capital have mobilized around crypto to create a new asset class. As the emerging asset class enters its teenage years, suites of products and services are vying to become pillars in the high-potential crypto ecosystem.

Crypto’s market map continues to grow in both its complexity and in its structure. This post seeks to present a framework of the burgeoning crypto industry, with select examples in their respective segments. It is not exhaustive.

2019 Crypto Market Map

The framework presented above separates the current crypto ecosystem into two…

Link to our survey

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been on a mission to better understand how participants perceive crypto’s current user experience and interface. I teamed up with Tobia De Angelis, founder of D1 Labs, to formalize this deep dive (Twitter disagreements can be great). Our focus: the UX/UI design approaches to both Bitcoin and Web3.

Our initial starting point kicked off with a survey to better understand user perception and priorities. This survey was sent to ~100 people (though not statistically relevant; respondents are entirely focused on building/investing in crypto).

Survey Findings & Commentary

1) Are you supportive and or…

As crypto slowly evolves from investment phase to utility phase, we are on the brink of a paradigm shift within software development and distribution. We are seeing a massive talent spillover from web2 to a decentralized web or web3, and the materialization of a new and open financial system.

Three years after Ethereum’s 2015 mainnet launch, the utility phase is beginning to emerge, exampled by thousands of dapps, millions of blockchain wallets, and a global movement of entrepreneurs building towards web3. As of today, Ethereum is the clear market leader for “decentralized” app creation. …

Boston Crypto Maiden Event at T3

As emerging tech investors at Converge, we focus on markets that have the ability to create outsized value, and the technologies that disrupt the status quo or create entirely new industries.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology encapsulate those themes — welcome, Boston Crypto. Our mission is to bring blockchain entrepreneurs, investors, developers, and enthusiasts under one roof.

We have followed blockchain technology closely for the past couple years, and we plan to continue building our portfolio, already comprised of blockchain upstarts Chainalysis and Enigma.

Photo by Maroquotidien

“The fact that you’re even here, is a very bad sign, because I wouldn’t be”…Jerry Seinfeld tells Steve Harvey in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee after being asked to teach a comedy class. Does the same logic apply to aspiring entrepreneurs taking entrepreneurship coursework?”

Many of today’s top tech executives started as student entrepreneurs, running businesses out of their dorm rooms:

  • AOL’s Steve Case ran a number of businesses as an undergrad at Williams College
  • Brian O’Kelley, CEO of adtech up-and-comer, Appnexus started a web design room out of his Princeton dorm
  • Michael Dell started Dell as a student at…

The original version of this article was published as “HBO’s Westworld artificial intelligence, then and now” and can be found on VentureBeat.

Similar to today’s sentiment, people were enthralled by artificial intelligence in 1973 — the year Michael Crichton released the film, Westworld. The film became MGM’s biggest box office hit of the year, yet launched the same year as the first AI winter, a massive fallout in AI resources, dashed expectations, and dwindling interest over the ensuing decades. Today, Westworld is back, and the immense changes in deep learning, open source, and computing power are fundamentally shifting AI’s future…

This is part 2 of blockchain adoption in the enterprise, originally published on BostInno, analyzes the barriers for blockchain and what to expect from corporate buyers. For more on Bitcoin vs. blockchain, balancing risk with potential, check out part 1.

Corporations are still in the preliminary phases of exploring blockchain technology, contrary to headlines hyping the technology’s potential, and advances. Financial institutions are most interested as buyers of the technology, and are exploring dozens of use cases with varying degrees of traction. However, most corporate blockchain exploration is happening under a shroud of secrecy and decisions are kept under a…

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