Food, Family & Fifty

A few weeks ago, I turned fifty. I generally believe that the mere passage of time does not warrant any specific notation as it is not much of an achievement, but a good friend kept nagging me that turning fifty is a good opportunity to pause, take stock, and most importantly — celebrate. I am not one for grand celebrations. The last time I had a birthday party was probably in grade school, but his nagging did cause to me to contemplate. What would make me happy?


Food enthralls me. Reading about it, preparing it, cooking it, smelling it, eating it. I am not unique in this passion. I cannot think of anything that is more enjoyable, and then can be enjoyed in the same frequency as food.

Another thing I enjoy very much, is spending time with my family. I enjoy talking with them, arguing with them, laughing with them, eating with them, and traveling with them. My son, Daniel, has left home, having finished grad school, and has gone to work on the Hyperloop in Los Angeles. My daughter is also off at university, studying computer science. Given this, I try not to miss any opportunity to get us all together and break bread.

For the next 8 days, Shuli, Daniel, Michał and I, will be spending time in northern Spain and the Basque Country. We will taste local wines at vineyards, learn to cook with world class chefs, try delicacies made by local artisans, and, of course, eat!

We are on our way to dine at some of the best restaurants in the world. We will visit. five 3-Michelin star restaurants and four 2-Michelin Star restaurants among several. great but unstarred restaurants.

We will take lots of pictures, and try to document and share as much of our experiences as possible. Cheers to an epic week!

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