Medium Post #1

Although I’m not engaging in service learning this semester, I plan to engage in the program next spring semester. This semester I need to put emphasis on getting to know the campus and making it feel more at home. As for my final digital story assignment, I plan to do option one: College, Self, & Community, which focuses on campus engagement, specifically participation in student groups, for a variety of reasons. In my digital story, I plan to combine various videos, pictures, images, and music to create a story that pretty much defines me. This year, I plan to join the Minority Association of Pre-Med Students, a group within my desired academic interest, Black Student Union and African Student Association, which are both clubs within my ethnic group. In the Minority Association of Pre-med students, I hope to gain access to more information regarding the admissions process of medical school, as well as clinical experience (such as volunteering), which is essential for a solid medical school application. Likewise, the program will also give me the tools necessary in order to be prepared for medical school. Since I plan to major in physiology within the pre-med track, joining this group will be helpful tool for me. As for the Black and African Student groups, I joined them in order to feel a sense of community on campus, and hope to develop friendly relationships among other students of color. Consequently, I plan to use this project in order to go more in depth in learning about my community and building relationships. As for gathering my information, I plan to take a variety of pictures and videos at different events held by the student groups. At the events, I plan to gather information by making observations, and interviewing those who have been participants within the group or are board members. As for my initial research questions, some of them for my project include; How does feel like to join a student group as a new incoming freshman on campus? How does it feel as a student of color to join a community within your ethnic group? Is it beneficial to join a student group within your desired interest? What are the benefits of joining a student group? These are some of the questions I hope will be answered within my final digital story through the various videos, pictures, images, music, observations, and interviews.

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