The Swans of Galway

Reporting live from the 2014 Galway International Convention of Swans (GICOS)

This year’s GICOS is off to a remarkable start, with attendance numbers far above last year’s convention— due, in large part, to the unseasonably nice weather in Galway. Swans (and other pigment challenged fowl) have gathered along the River Corrib and the Galway Bay from all over Ireland to take part in intensive lectures, seminars, breakout sessions and networking in order to promote the well-being of all fowl-kind.

Featured Speakers

This year’s GICOS features a variety of highly qualified speakers addressing the most important issues affecting the pigment challenged fowl of today’s modern Ireland. The two most buzzed-about speakers this year are Professor Rutherford T. Gibbs, who will be lecturing on the current state of inter-species fowl relations, and noted environmentalist Maria Bolshoi, who will be discussing issues relating to water quality.

Professor Rutherford T. Gibbs, of the Royal Cygnus University
Maria Bolshoi, activist and author of “The Environment and Us: Swans, sludge and future of our cygnets”

Display from the discussion on Swan Safety.


As always, this year’s seminars address popular topics affecting today’s modern swans. Opening the conference was the yearly roundup of political and safety issues with discussions on what the swan population can work towards. An annual favorite, this year’s Swans in Formation seminar had a bit of a twist, titled The Mighty Ducks and a Sport Called Hockey— Formations from Human Sports. And of course this year’s highly anticipated new seminar, Mating for Life: What We Can Learn From Penguins, was filled completely to capacity.

Attendees at this year’s “Swans in Formation” Seminar had quite the wings-on experience

The “Mating for Life: What We Can Learn From Penguins” Seminar was attended by couples from all floats of life

Breakout Sessions

Breakout session focused on more nontraditional topics this year, including the following:

Shake Ya Tail Feathers: Dancing for Health

Learning from Our Neighbors: Seagulls Take Flight

Boat ‘n Float Safety

Networking Opportunities

Hundreds of birds also took part in the offered networking opportunities, with some of the younger birds bonding a bit too well.

A good time is had by all, although sometimes the only cure cure a hangover is dunking your head entirely.

While a few local fowl were unhappy with having not received an invitation to the conference, most attendees have only exemplary feedback and have expressed enthusiastic interest in attending next year’s GICOS.

p.s. But in all seriousness, there are a SHIT TON (the technical measurement) of swans in Galway.

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