Charcha 2020: Fundraising and Philanthropy Track, 14th- 16th May 2020

Speakers: Sundeep Narwani, Aam Aadmi Party; Ghanshyam Tiwari, Parliamentarians with Innovators for India; Ashok Kamath, Akshara Foundation; Sudha Srinivasan, The/Nudge Centre for Social Innovation; Viraj Tyagi, eGov Foundation; Kartik Desai, Asha Impact (Moderator)

About the session: How do communities, local administrations, and civil society leaders manage the lifting of the lockdown while taking care of their most affected and vulnerable members? How can NGOs collaborate with the state government to fund and scale public education, healthcare, and other service delivery?

Watch the video recording of the session here

Key takeaways from the session:

  • Public systems are engines of scale; however, nonprofits that have innovated to provide service delivery in critical areas are still mostly funded by philanthropic foundations and CSR, which is going to run dry. Hence the government needs to step up and support these local innovators through capital or resources.
  • Robust networks of local volunteers have enabled last-mile delivery of essential services and leveraging existing digital infrastructure for education has enabled the continuation of learning.
  • Entrepreneurship in rural communities has become critical with cross-migration post COVID.
  • While all stakeholders (government and private) are looking at the emergency response to COVID, initiatives to ensure critical services such as vaccines for children under the age of 5, blood-banks must continue to operate.
  • Community involvement is not limited to donations and multi-stakeholder initiatives enable like-minded individuals to identify avenues to contribute to the on-going crisis through their systems thinking, collective networks, and other in-kind resources.




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Asha Impact

An impact investment and policy advocacy platform for business leaders

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