A Picture is Worth a Thousand Calories

I love traveling, Instagram and food. I also love Instagramming my food while I travel. Convenient isn’t it? That’s where Food in the Air comes into my life. Food Instagrammed in front of pretty views while people were traveling. Say what!?

Okay so I found my literal heaven of an Instagram page and got my daily fix of top- notch eats as well as top-notch views. Food in the Air, or FITA, has over three hundred and sixty thousand followers of foodies just like me who appreciate gorgeous views and yummy eats.

FITA knows how to catch the attention of people because not only are their posts extremely pleasant to look at, they are also full of color and texture. From sweet and savory to hot and cold, the variety of food presented is endless; as well as the variety of locations each meal is presented against. I do follow many food accounts, though this one stands above the rest for the creativity put into each post — One day there’s a picture of pancakes in front the beach in Belize and the next a picture of fish and chips in front of the Alps in Switzerland.

A unique feature of this social media page is that it allows fans to post onto the Instagram page itself. Anyone is able to email a picture to the masterminds behind FITA and upon exceeding their standard; the picture gets posted with a shoutout to the pictures’ creator. With this tool, it enables the account to be fan based run and more relatable because anyone’s picture could be featured.

I’d like to thank the millions of food accounts out there that make my mouth water daily; But especially Food in the Air because not only does my mouth water, my inner wanderlust gets excited.