It’s 2017; Travel bans aren’t cool

Amidst President Trump’s travel ban some Americans rejoiced while others were shocked. Banning travel from seven different countries (who have contributed to zero percent of terrorism attacks) might be a bit of a stretch in “protecting” America. How could someone with so much power use it to shut out so many people in need of a new beginning?

Being born to a Muslim father, carrying a Muslim last name and being Canadian born, this mandate heavily affects me. Its scary to think that individuals who leave the United States to visit one of those seven countries were not allowed back into America even though they had valid visas. It also bothers me that countries in war-ridden areas are not allowed to seek refuge in America.

Children who were born into chaos and destruction were denied a safe life. Mothers and fathers who spent years protecting their families, while supporting their needs were challenged on their intentions. Individuals who struggled to stay alive amidst bombings and shootings were rejected and labeled maliciously. Generalizations such as these hinder America from being as great as it would be.

Although I understand why the stereotype made around Muslim individuals can be frightening through recent attacks; it does not translate to the shutdown of immigration from countries that are living in a war zone. I want to keep American safe just as much as any decent citizen, however it must be met with facts. With that said and to reiterate, it is important to note that not a single terrorist attack has occurred at the hands of a refugee from any of these countries.

Interestingly enough, the countries that do business with our dear President were not part of the ban. Fair? Let’s also not forget that American settlers were immigrants.