Let’s be Journalists For a Day (Or Two)

I woke up early, went to work, got some coffee, hoped on the subway and got off surrounded by skyscrapers filled with important people doing important jobs. Walked through a glass revolving door and came out an hour and a half later excited for what the future holds. Upon visiting the Wall Street Journal, I learned two things about myself.

Firstly, 9 to 5 jobs in the traditional sense don’t always have to be mundane desk jobs; answering phone calls, replying to emails and talking to boring co-workers. When we first arrived we got to witness the morning meeting that basically discusses all the news happening right now (good news is I got my daily fix of news and didn’t have to read it myself). The meeting took place in a conference room with a huge TV and the classic “I’m in New York City and work at a newspaper” view out the window. Nevertheless, the meeting flowed and though it was serious (and not to be talked about outside the doors), it was casual and fun. The second part really consisted of a bunch of 20 to 30 something’s presenting my dream job. (WSJ, if you’re reading this, I’m unemployed and would make a great asset to your team). Basically, they were in charge of Snapchat discover. Creating new news stories that appealed to 18–30 years old in a way that’s as fun as news can be. I appreciate this on a personal level because I’d rather get the low down on a news event if something were to be happening then to read a 500+ word article. How cool of a 9 to 5 job would that be? Cool, I know.

The second thing I learned about myself was that even though I don’t have any of my ducks in a row for a job, I’m more ready than I give myself. I’ve always thought that people who worked in big buildings and had important job titles and wore clothing that I could never see myself wearing were beyond my years in smart, creative and self-assuredness (though they still do top me in all these categories). I understood what they were saying, how they were going about presenting an idea and what they were trying to accomplish. I understood it to the point where I could see myself doing a job with a fancy title, wearing fancy clothes and working in a fancy building.

Though my ducks are still not in a line and I’m still struggling to graduate and save enough money working my part time minimum wage job, it gave me hope for my future endeavours. (Look I’m using big words now too).