#Thestartup Season 2

The Startup

We are accepting applications for the second season for startup reality show. The first season was open only for participants from Kerala. In the second season, we are accepting solutions from all states.

The challenges for the second season are

1) How can we prevent cyber crimes against women?

2) How can we develop a programme that provides scholarship for well performing students from low-income families in Kerala?

3) How can we reduce the delay in fund allocation for social welfare programs?

4) How can viewers enable media to produce content that help citizens take informed decisions?

5) How can we bring transparency and clarity in the functioning of various government schemes?

6) How can we convert vacant lots land into community gardens

7) How can we reduce the drug abuse among school children?

8) How can we use technology to combat human trafficking?

9) How can we promote art by encouraging crowd-funded beautification of public spaces?

10) How can we promote awareness and consumption of organic food?

We are looking for startups with an excellent team who can develop scalable and sustainable solutions for these challenges. In addition to access to funding, winning teams will be offered office space, support staff, business networks, social media management, policy awareness, business development and digital engagement.

Submit your solutions to each challenge in our Facebook page as a response to the challenge statement: https://www.facebook.com/socialgoodhack/

Please watch the first season here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPm6b5arV7QwNxe0eLDjbCg