My Experience at Bootcamp Day 3

Hello — again,

So now here I am, bootcamp day 3. To summarize, this has been the best learning experience I've ever had. I find myself constantly pushing the limits of what I can do every day at this bootcamp. Whether it’s doing something I've never done before and finish it or it is writing a piece of code as fast as I can. Andela bootcamp has left me with one more realization in the space of my last post and this. I have come to realize that nothing is beyond the grasp of the human mind. Knowledge is out there and if I learnt something new every hour like I do now. Come a few months and I’ll be much the wiser. So in the span of a few hours I've learnt the importance of good design. I've discovered that my designs will not be appealing to everyone and hence it does not make any sense to design for everyone. I've discovered that even though my app may be the innovation of the century, if it is targeted at people without a technical background, then it has to be easy and straightforward to use else, they’ll end up not understanding it and leave. I've spent five days at this Andela bootcamp and I've learnt more than I could have imagined. I've done things I procrastinated a lot of times — in the space of mere hours, I've realized there actually are twenty-four hours in a day and every second counts. And I have realized that there is a very effective technique for training and educating that I doubt traditional educational system will adopt. I've not much to say today for I've said it quite all. My experience here has been the best I've had in years.

Once again, thank you Andela for extending this opportunity to me.

Andela Bootcamp Day 3

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