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With the plan of building a start-up company and brainstorming on different ideas — Nikunj, Abhishek, and Anuraag had come together, but still, they were knee-deep in their work at their respective organisations. All of them were juggling between their jobs and at the same time, trying to think of the optimal way to address these inherent flaws they recently found in the Tech talent recruiting ecosystem. The time differences among their workplaces, where three of them worked, did not make their conversations easier. (Anuraag — Singapore, Nikunj — San Fransicso, Abhishek — New York)

Some days they used to talk for long hours whereas, on some, they were too occupied to even speak for days. Despite so much work, whenever they got breaks in between, they continued to work on their research and talking to Hiring Managers and TA folks to understand their problems better. They discovered that most of the companies do not have a system of training their Technical Interviewers (apart from a few giant players like Facebook and Google). …

2020 might not be the best year for many of us, but we at EntHire are thankful for some amazing people that came across this year.

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Source: Pexels

This year 2020, has been full of surprises and unexpected hurdles, but what matters is that we at EntHire, stayed strong and continue to grow and extend our family to do what we do best. Ever since lockdowns came into place on account of the coronavirus pandemic, many companies rescinded job offers and cancelled their internships programs. …

Why not let the engineering team build stuff while we will take the headache of screening talent.

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This pandemic has made all our conversations virtual! Everyone misses those coffee machine gossips that include me. Being socially active, sometimes it brings to my curiosity to know about the other employees who are working in the company.

One afternoon I caught hold of Akshay, after our work discussions and we started to chit-chat on each other’s work ex and so. Akshay completed six months recently with EntHire and being the earliest member of their growing team he majorly handles all the Sales & Communication side of the Business.

Here are a few snippets of my conversations with him :)

Me: Akshay, tell me about your education, past work experiences?

How does a company ensure there is a sense of community when people are working remotely?

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Diversity and inclusion need to go hand-in-hand as organizations cannot establish diversity without being inclusive. Similarly, they cannot claim to be inclusive if they do not embrace diversity.

More companies now realize this. In a 2019 Glassdoor survey, it was found that 77% of US employees believe that their organization employs a diverse workforce. However, 55% think that their companies should do more in the area of diversity and inclusion, while 64% observe that their employers are already investing in the said aspect. source

Also, in a survey where employees were asked about the most preferable workplace in terms of diversity to choose, the results are shown…

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While interning at EntHire, I got a chance to interact with one of the early BarRaisers of EntHire-Interviewer pool, Puneet Patwari.

Having worked with companies like TCS Technologies (R&D Engineer at TCS Innovation Lab) and ThoughtWorks (Application Engineer), Technical Interviewing was something Puneet believed needed disruption with technology and AI. Hailing from Kolkata, Puneet has found his love for data structures, algorithms and complex problem-solving at an early stage.

He says “I like to participate in coding competitions a lot, I always feel excited when it comes to solving complex problems with data structures and algorithms.”

One of the founders of EntHire, Nikunj Bajaj (CEO), is friends with Puneet since his school days and they went to the same coaching institute for their Entrance Exams preparation. They moved ahead with their lives and were not in contact while they were finishing college and moving to various cities. Only Facebook and Whatsapp worked as a medium during Birthdays, Anniversaries and Festivals to exchange the wishes. …


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Software Engineer turned Marketer | Social Media | EntHire- building OS of Tech Talent.

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