Take 03: Cheating On…

Ever betrayed someone? Been betrayed? How does it feel?

What if I told you were cheating on someone as I write this? Truth is we all have at some point in time. You can choose to call it your dreams, aspirations, vision. I simply call it LIFE.

I first set out to carve my own path at the age of 21 when I got into my first business idea. Which flopped out. Result? I recognized my shortcomings and moved on. NO REGRETS. PERIOD.

I am now on my way to launching Angry Ballerina this summer and after all the hurdles that my business partner and I have faced for the past three years and counting, I still have absolutely zilch idea whether I am going to fall flat on my face or finally get to realize my dream. Which is nothing more than a pathway to self-fulfillment.

Truth is, no one tells you to embrace your insecurities and gather the courage to move on anyways. But that is all the difference there is when it comes to winners and losers.

Just to be clear, this isn’t some deep-seated urge to get you up on your feet and fired up. I am getting straight down to business with this article.

Do you know how hard it is to get up every morning and believe that the extra hours you are putting in after your 9–5 shift are going to end up somewhere? That your hard-earned savings that you have decided to plough into your dreams instead of getting that mortgage or fancy car out (or heck, even getting anything above basic necessities) is not going down the gutter? Do you know what it feels like to live with a straight face every single day at work until it all comes together? How it feels to get out to the office parking lot and into your car, agonized by the sweltering heat since the air-conditioner just gave up you, only to review the product samples that just came in and approve them asap?

There isn’t a single person on earth who can have as much faith in your dreams/aspirations/vision as you yourself. NO ONE. So stop looking for validation in people/group and/or things and start doing.

Truth is, some of us will continue to cheat on…

And while some will reconcile and embrace their dreams at some point in life, most will end up in regret. And if that’s you right now, John Barrymore has this to say to you:


DO NOT wait for some phony validation from a person or group who would go on with their lives without any skin in YOUR game. You still feel you want your ideas to be validated? That’s fine. Go talk to your target customers and get REAL insight. Not your mom and dad. Not your BFFs. Certainly not toxic people who would outright devour your dreams and spit them back on to your face.