Pay Women the Money They Need to Make the Culture
Rachel Syme

Hello! I love this article but I’m worried about the misinformation about ABC not wanting to produce Jessica Jones. I worked on the show and it was indeed produced by ABC (especially because Marvel=Disney=ABC) and it said ABC on my paycheck and all of our paperwork. Netflix merely oversaw executive and distributed it (they were very rarely involved). Jessica Jones was also a part of a package deal with the four other shows to be aired on Netflix (including Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Defenders). I think it’s fair to say all of these shows “languished” at ABC for awhile because it was 5 shows all toghether and, had they been aired on the network, it would have been 7 total Marvel shows making it seem like a Marvel network instead of ABC, which has other great material (including Shondaland!). So, in the end, ABC did produce a mainstream show about a wounded woman but it was just distributed by Netflix (along with it’s partner shows that will eventually lead to the series Defenders). Hope that helps!

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