Homecoming in a Nutshell

Tuesday morning Brooke woke to the sound of her alarm clock buzzing. She slammed her hand down and rolled over. How could she make it through another week of torture. Then she remembered that it was homecoming week. She jumped up realizing that it was toga Tuesday and she had no idea how to tie a toga. She ran around her house trying to find a sheet, waking everyone in her house in the process. She enlisted the help of her mother to help her tie her toga after several tries her toga was secure, of as secure as possible, and Brooke was off to school. When she arrived she met up with her friends for a picture. It was the first day of their last homecoming week. The rest of her day was fairly uneventful except for the fact that togas are not as comfortable as you would think. Brooke felt extremely exposed and her toga was tied so tightly she could hardly breath. As soon as she got home she whipped her toga off to avoid suffocating in it. The next day, Wednesday was color day and Brooke realized she hardly had any orange in her house.

Wednesday morning came and after scavenging for orange the night before Brooke was able to whip together an outfit that consisted of an orange shirt and vest and she wrapped an orange quarter zip around her waist. Her sister even let her borrow an orange headband to complete the look. She was running late to school, but when she finally got there all of the seniors were gathering to walk into the school all together. Brooke caught a glimpse of her ex-boyfriend from afar and couldn’t help but laugh because he was the one kid who didn’t wear orange on color day. She thought what an idiot, but it was hard for her to hide that she still had feelings for him. She had been struggling with that for awhile and was hoping that she would regain his affection at the homecoming dance later that week. She spent the day in her orange apparel and later in the day got even more good news, that her golf team was moving on to compete at sectionals. So over all Brooke’s second day of homecoming week was a success.

The next day was nerd day and Brooke’s outfit was a little lacking. All her friends told her that she looked the same as always with added suspenders. Brooke didn’t mind she wasn’t a huge fan of the nerd day theme anyways. At the next of the day as Brooke was leaving she ran into her ex-boyfriend. He smiled at her as she passed and although she was mad at him her heart skipped a beat when he passed. Why did she like someone who had broke her heart? She wished she could figure it out.

Finally it was Friday the day of the football game and the color throw. Brooke couldn’t wait. The color throw is one of her favorite parts of the week. She went to golf practice and as soon as it was over she rushed home to get ready for the game. It was freezing outside so Brooke wore a long sleeve white shirt with her senior jersey over it, converse, jean shorts, and knee high socks. She completed her look with a bandana around her leg and a white hat. She met up with her friends and headed to the game. Once there her and her friends waited for an hour to get the powder and another half hour to throw the powder. They had a plan to try and get to the bleachers as quickly as possible to get good seats. When the powder was finally thrown Brooke couldn’t find most of her friends so she grabbed one of them and they ran. Luckily her other friends had been faster and had found a spot in the front row. All six of Brooke’s friends and her squeezed together as close as possible to all fit in the bleachers. The start of the game was intense it was back and forth and neither team was scoring. Then finally the opposing team scored a touchdown. From that point on the home team was playing catch up all night long and were never quite able to catch the opposing team. With the game coming to an end Brooke’s friends all wanted to leave complaining that it was too cold, that they were going to lose anyways, but Brooke convinced them to stay. It was there last homecoming, they had to watch the team finish the game even if they lost. After the game was over Brooke got dropped off at home because she had golf practice early the next morning.

At 5:50 the following morning Brooke peeled herself out of bed. Today was the day of the dance and also the day of a practice round. She was picked up promptly at 6:20 and was off to the golf course. The round was tiring, wet, and cold. She had to wear every layer of golf clothing she owned to avoid how cold it was. The only good thing was that the round was over at noon and Brooke was able to go home. Upon getting home Brooke took a two hour nap before getting up showering and heading to her friend’s house to get ready for the dance. At her friend’s house Brooke did all of her makeup and three of her friends curled her hair for the dance. She put on her dress as all her other friends were getting ready. Soon after they all piled into Brooke’s car and headed to pictures. They took pictures for about an hour with a ton of kids in their grade. Then Brooke and her friends went and ate pizza before the dance. Then they went to a pre party, took more pictures and headed to the dance. At the dance Brooke lost some of her friends and was crammed into the middle of the dance floor. She was determined to dance with someone and so she decided to ask a guy to dance. To Brooke’s dismay he said no so she decided to ask his friend and he said no also. So Brooke continued to hang out with her friends until the slow song. A guy that has liked her for almost two years asked her to dance and she said yes. It made Brooke feel happy that he still liked her and asked her to dance.