The iphone

The cool, smooth surface of the phone brushed across my ear as I went to call my grandma. Such a small device with enough technology to use the internet, make phone calls, and use as a mini computer. A device that most people use every single day, but always seem to take for granted. Each iphone is slightly different, in the sense that it could be a different color, size, or type. From the simple brush of a fingertip, you are able to unlock the phone itself, but you are also unlocking potential. With each photo you take and each song you download, your phone is a buzz of electricity and power. What you don’t see is all of the steps that the phone takes to process your request. You can only imagine the red, and green and all the colored wires connected in a phone that is smaller than your hand. The advanced technology that is deployed through your phone. Each picture taken is made up of millions of pixels that wouldn’t have been possible without the minds behind the inner workings of your phone.

So overall your phone is a masterpiece, a piece of art with wires twisted and connected. The pixels that make a clear photo, and the ability to do everything with the touch of your finger is what makes the iphone such an amazing, detailed piece of technology.