This week I had the ability to get to know Lainey Hewitt. She is someone that I’ve had the privilege of being around for the past three years in high school. However, this was the first time that I got to sit down with her and really get to know her. Everything she told me was interesting and helped me to understand her viewpoints and passions. One of her passions is music and the ability to perform. One of the first things I asked her about was how often she sings. This was her reply:

“ I sang in choir today, last period. I don’t know if that counts as singing to yourself or someone else. So I guess the last time I sang to myself or someone else was.. Ten minutes ago.”

Another important thing in Lainey’s life is her friends. She feels that her friends are extremely important in her life and that friendship is valuable. She spoke highly of all the friends in her life and what they mean to her.

“Um friendship is very important to me, I love my friends. I don’t have that many, but I have, the friends that I do have are really close to me and they mean a lot to me.”

A final admirable quality that Lainey possesses is the fact that she is confident in herself. She has a strong personality and believes in herself. She knows who she is and nothing, and no one will make her feel like she has to change. She has the ability to know that being herself is what makes her awesome, and that is an amazing accomplishment.

“ I think just like being, learning to be comfortable with myself and like how my brain works and how I relate to other people.”

All of the qualities and the things I learned about Lainey make me value her friendship even more. She is an amazing friend and I’m glad that I get to be around her.