4 Best Ways to Retain Cosmetology Patients for Lifetime

Patient attrition is a part of Cosmetology practice. Do you know your attrition rate? Do you have a plan to improve it?

Normal attrition is around 10–40%.

Why patients leave? They perceive that you do not care about them and they do not have loyalty towards you.

Typically practices focuses of attracting new patients but leaving a revenue hole by the current patient attrition. Did you know there are ways to reduce the rates patients leave by up to 70 percent?


  1. Ongoing Engagement: Communication begins when they walk but make sure it ongoing by beauty tips relevant to the treatment, referral rewards make them feel they are matter to you.
  2. Improving Experience: After the service, Feedback from patients are important. If there are any improvements /complaints then act on them and update the patient sure about it. Overall experience of patients from booking appointment, less waiting time, staff friendliness, Physicians detailing etc. Make sure the patient feels cared.
  3. Loyalty Programs & Membership Cards: Patients in cosmetic and skin clinics usually come for multiple concerns or treatments. Introduce loyalty programs with membership cards (Max 3 categories). Every time, a patient spends, he acquires points and also qualifies to get benefit of particular card of the total spend done for the year. Please do not manipulate the benefits, give them the benefits they deserve. This makes them feel convincing to stay on.
  4. Offers: Segments patients based on their next due on a particular treatment and send them some goodie offer (Botox 20% Discount) so they will turn up for their next session. You need to be smart to send right offer to the right patients.

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Happy care!
Asha Satapathy
Co-Founder, DocEngage