Friendly reminder

Bee polite, smile pretty.

Tonight the fear I felt while walking home from work begged me not to walk home alone again. And again.

It’s ladies night out

It’s the meat market

It’s questionable …

Is it for us or is it for them?

If it’s for them, well I’m insecure and slutty

If it’s for me, I’m encouraged to stay small

So what? Whatever, I don’t mind

It’s just that

It’s shaming us from the day we are born into our little girl skin. It’s concerning. I’m concerned. I’m walking day and night with one headphone out. I’m walking day and night hoping and hoping and holding my breath.

They say

It’s not safe for us … bring your pepper spray! Put that shit on our keychain, grab that key and make a fist,

Fight like a girl?

I know a girl who was nervous around dad’s friend.

Babygirls worst nightmare came true.

shut up, sit down, stay quiet


Remind her to call when she gets home


Cause some don’t make it home. Yes it is GRAPHIC and TRAGIC and SAD And it doesn’t happen to you, unless it does, But I hope that it doesn’t


it’s too close to home

too close to home.

It doesn’t effect me or bother me.

I’m fine. Self loathing tightens and surrounds my chest and a milky white flag begs surrender from my mind


“Maybe don’t take that night class”

“campus is scary at night”


I’m wondering if it was rape or “just” date rape, something in-between

or just my fault?

They say probably should have been smarter. They say that’s not smart. They say take care. Be safe.

It’s being too much. Not enough and something in between.

It’s a little less cleavage, a little more leg!

It’s expensive makeup and being called fake. It’s being told to do it up but do it down. It’s blaming real feelings on PMS cause they are too real or too bitchy

Some days

It’s 1,2,3.. all together now!

Some days

The whole world feels like one giant violation. Everyone screaming and talking at you …

In between your ears.

Asking you for everything and, and nothing and everything in between.

It’s less drama. More tits!

It’s needing to be good

Good enough

It’s needing to be seen

I see it now

Let us be

be ourselves

be allowed

as LOUDLY as we want to be

as loud or quiet or somewhere in-between as we want or need to be …


Let me be.


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