Does the world need people who understand problems, or who can solve them?

Hi Dirk

Great article. I particularly love this vision from the Education 2030 link:

“Competencies to shape the future: It is about acting rather than to be acted upon, shaping rather than to be shaped and choosing rather than to accept choices decided by others.”

And this!

The OECD Learning Compass 2030: “Being able to navigate in time and social space to manage their lives in meaningful and responsible ways by influencing their living and working conditions.”

However, can I ask, is there any particular reason why you’ve limited the inquiry by seeing the world as a ‘problem to be solved’, rather than a ‘future to be created’? And why you speak about the need for a ‘learning compass’ but speak not of the need for a ‘leadership compass’?

You may want to check out our project, The Benefit Mindset. We interweave problem solving and future making, learning and leadership. We feel it more comprehensively brings your vision of ‘the future of education’ to life 😊

Warm regards


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