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LineUp is an app that uses crowdsourcing to gain the data of how long lines are outside of clubs and bars. Great idea, yes, however like most crowdsourcing apps or sites the challenge is always to get users to engage more with the content and not just use the service for viewing. The CEO of LineUp had this issue also, so hired a team of three of us to look into the following:

1. Understand the psyche of the LineUp user
2. Design an interface that makes it easy and fun to report wait times
3. Test out potential solutions

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Spotify Distribute Logo

There was a long but very interesting journey that brought my team and I to ‘Spotify Distribute’.

Firstly let me introduce my team:

Marilyn — Documentation Master.
Nyesha — Keeping all our information in line.
Ash (myself) — Scrum Master
Together we created the UX team MASH NY.

Agenda for this case study:

  • Discovering our problem space
  • Gathering the data and synthesizing
  • Partnering Business
  • Building out the design
  • Testing
  • Design Development
  • Next Steps

Discovering our Problem Space

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The Bottomless Secondary Navigation of “Trip Types”

Here we’re in Unit three out of five of my General Assembly 10 week UXDI Immersive course.

Unit 3 Overview:
You’ve been hired by National Geographic Expeditions to assess their desktop website.

To understand this website we have been asked to do the following:

  • Conduct a heuristic evaluation
  • Create a Sitemap
  • Conduct one round of an open card sort
  • Document a user flow
  • Conduct one round of a closed card sort
  • Create a final sitemap

Heuristic — “Ash is that an Irish word” a friend asked. “Looks like it but I have no idea what it means” I responded.


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The Beginning

Let’s go back to the lovely day of Thursday the 24th of November, our class have finished our Unit 1 solo project presentations. I had been *blessed with going second from last and for someone with an intense dislike towards public speaking, the blessing was not mine. We made it through however and aren’t we all better for it.

It is now it is time to go straight into Unit 2, no waiting around to let the knot out of my stomach anyway.

So there we were staring up at our I.A. Luke, he had all the power. There were…

My first project as a General Assembly UXDI student who knows how this is going to go but let’s dive straight in with the Brief I received…

General Assembly has “hired” me as a UX Designer to explore and discover a solution that will support the holistic student experience. Through research, I will aim to discover how students currently manage their school/life balance and what applications they use to help them.
I have been asked to redesign or add a feature to a mobile application discovered during my research to help them with one aspect of time management (i.e. …

Ash Burke

User Experience Designer, Artist and Creative Thinker.

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