Exercise 10.3

Advertisement: Apple music with Taylor Swift

  1. Visual effects used to define location:

In the begining. the background blurred so that the focus is on Swift. After a moment the focus then switches to phone. Swift then chooses a song and begins to run on the treadmill singing. She then abruptly falls off.

2. Sound effects used to define action:

Music is playing a song in the background then Swift begins to sing along to the song. Towards the end there is a thud when she hits the ground. This funny fall allows the viewer to remember the advertisement because it sticks out a little more.

3. Type of format:


4. Brief synopis of the ad:

Distractingly good. All the music you want. Desireable because Taylor Swift listens to apple music as well.

5. Target market of the ad:

This is for people who listen to music, I believe this add is pointed towards the younger generation due to the song choice.

6. Benefits offered by the add:

You can try it for free, but you can cancel at any time.

7. Call to action in the add:

Start listening to apple music; Taylor Swift does it.