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Top 10 movies

Currently The Lego Batman Movie sits at #1, followed by a close second 50 Shades Darker. I am surprised that Split is #7 on the list. And La La Land has fallen to #9.

PHOTOS: Virginia-connected Oscar winners

Fun fact: some Oscar winners are Virginia natives. For example, Loretta Lynn won the Best Actress Oscar. Lynn lives in the Charlotesville area. Michelle K Short, also lives in the Charlotesville area, and has also won the Best Actress award. Sandra Bullock is an Arlington native, who won big in the hearts in the movie The Bling Side. With this some winning Oscar locations are from Virginia. For example, the movie Lincoln filmed in Richmond and Petersburg.Silence of the Lambs used the FBI training headquarters in Quantico.

‘SNL’ imagines Jeff Sessions as Forrest Gump at the bus stop

March 4 SNL has a skit that referenced several prominent headlines. Later in the skip later brings in Minnie from The Help. It got alot of attention from viewers because of the humor.

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