• Get quote for car damage
  • Finish Roanne’s photos
  • Compose itinerary + agreement form for SoPA video shoot, due 7/22
  • Hot air balloon shoot 7/22
  • SoPA video shoot 7/28–7/30
  • Sylvia’s birthday 8/2 [gifts: Fit Bit Alta HR, black. Fanny pack.] [dinner: Ruth Chris’ steak house on 8/2]
  • Study concept dance videos to prep for MCIA video shoot 8/6 (check back in for location, aesthetic, uniform, etc. on 7/20 + 7/27)
  • Vegas 8/11–8/13
  • House birthday party Friday, 8/18


  • Donate/declutter clothes
  • Get a new phone
  • Spend $300 on new clothes
  • Get contacts
  • Hair appointment? End of August?

Adulting is hard.

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