Vladimir Putin Vs Putin Gay Clown Image

Nobody likes being made fun of. Politicians hate being made fun of even more then the standard individual especially if they live in Russia. Vladimir Putin has recently added an image to the list of things that he has banned as extremist images.

The image being depicted is Putin in heavy clown-like makeup with heavy and obvious homosexual undertones. It’s banned purely because “it hints at the Russian president’s allegedly nonstandard sexual orientation.” That’s it. He didn’t want the image up because he didn’t want people to think he was gay. I mean that has to be the gayest thing I’ve ever heard, if you’re that self aware then I’m actually pretty sure that you are indeed a homosexual. The image came up after Russia decided to seek out it’s LGBTQ community and do a bit of a “cleanse.”

We talk about this today because I feel it’s important to exercise freedom where we can and take value for the privileges that we all share today. Russia has been under a tight regime for many decades that actively censor various aspects of free speech to be in accordance with the government in charge.

The idea that a leader would take serious action up to fifteen days in prison and a three thousand ruble fine for an image that causes no inherent harm is a bit ridiculous.

Here’s a thought. Perhaps if he did his best to not act like the image was sent from hell and exaggerated the circumstances of why the image shouldn’t be shared, it probably would not have been shared as fast as it is now. It’s sort of like when you tell a kid to not do something in extremely explicit terms and now they are just super curious as to why, which they then eventually end up doing because of how eager they are to learn of the outcome. It’s basically like that.

Putin probably would have had a better time with this if he had just let it go but again it’s not really my place to say what should and shouldn’t have been done to a leader who I’m convinced is a closet homosexual.

It’s important to note that this is just my opinion and I’m just writing a blog post. No need to take things to seriously. If anything perhaps we can rejoice to the gay clown image and share it because we have the privilege of that specific freedom Putin seems to want to eradicate in his own nation.