for Bashō

Pond is both splash &frog.

Air also floating milkweed fuzz

gnat swarm silver hazy smog:


I awoke to the dropping

drachmas of morning, walking

early through peopled streets:


Of what is heavy I too

am one of them, among

the lucent nodes of life,


linked from knot to knot:
 nodding back & forth

& back again,our fates eternally tied:


a mollusk enveloped

in a bloom of plankton
 bearing along with the tide;


a mantis, long limbs

protracted, ambles

over a row of zoysia sod


as the dim pale dawn
 is filtered through

a poplar blind:


& in a deep pool tadpoles propel their own

impossible weight with shimmering tails

fluttering toward their own becoming


I listen but no answer

is offered to the ways

that I remain overwhelmed:


I can’t stand it but I do:

All this beauty a starburst



Beauty all in the memory:

a flash once seen: already

the reflection of a flash


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