Hot Headed

Let me say something, this is how I feel. I am calm, I am calm, let me express my thoughts.

In the middle of the moment where sanity goes away, a blur of heat travels through my head — a hot aura flashes and I suddenly feel dizzy.

Coming back, the wave of heat has passed, as I was saying… THERE IT GOES AGAIN. I know better, you definitely know better, that heat is there and I feel dizzy. It is stifling in here and all I want is for you to just hear what I am saying. This heat is unbearable. Can you hear me? Let me say it louder, let me say it stronger, I am feeding the flames and I know I should just cool it off but my only thoughts are kindling.

Out of my lips slides the fire, I touch you with the flame. I can continue or I can suffocate the fire. Suffocate the fire, put to rest that hot head before she makes our life a living hell.

Now how easy is that?