Call me a trader, crypto-enthusiast or someone who keeps himself abreast with the latest fintech developments…but please do not call me a Bitcoin believer !

As a cryptoenthusiast I have firmly believed in the technology that Bitcoin has been based on and a bit on cryptocurrencies…I have seen Bitcoin getting popular with a lot of investors as well, who reaped high-scaling profits in the year 2017.

While most of them have backtracked from cryptocurrency trading since the prices stablised at and around 6500 dollars, there are a few who have stocking Bitcoin in bearish markets believing that prices would shoot…

A universal regulation or a regulatory authority may pave way for a better future in consensus with the world leaders.

Different set of regulations rolls out differential returns for global players on the basis of respective laws of their country. A universal crypto regulation or a regulatory authority may help ease problems in a single go.

The backdrop

Initial Coin Offering on blockchain platforms has painted the world red for tech-startups across the world. A decentralised network that can allocate tokens to the users supporting an idea with money is both revolutionizing and awarding at the same time.

Profit-spinning Bitcoin, in the past, turned out to be an ‘asset’ for early investors giving manifold returns. Investors and Cryptocurrency exchanges across…

For Aliens ‘Bitcoin’ might be Earth’s currency

Cryptocurrencies might not have been recognized all across the world, but Bitcoin may play Earth’s currency in the event of a transaction from the extra terrestrial world.

While governments all across our planet are mulling upon drafting regulatory procedures in and around cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin expressly happens to be one of the most vouched cryptocurrencies which might represent Earth in the event of an extra terrestrial transaction.

For a fact, Bitcoin is known all across the planet and is accepted through digital wallets. …

Not only Bitcoin, but creation of new wallets also took a dip in the year 2018.

Google search for the term Bitcoin — the first cryptocurrency ever, plunged almost by 75% according to research from Google Trends since the beginning of year 2018.

Even the last three months witnessed a 50% dip in the searches related to ‘ Bitcoin’ according to Google Trends reports.

Reacting to the present state of Bitcoin and the trends of Google searches, Nicholas Colas, Co- founder of Data Trek Research while talking to CNBC said,” We use Google Trends to search queries for ‘Bitcoin’ as…

India emerges as global outsource destination for ICO-related services

The emerging blockchain technology has unleashed plethora of opportunities in India.

And the rest of the world banks on it. Support services for many companies across the world intend to raise capital in form ICOs and are being serviced by many tech firms from India.

ICOs in India still do not have a well defined regulatory frame work, nor does the Indian government recognize existence of virtual currencies.

RBI, the Central Bank of the country on April 6, 2018 has asked banks to end all relations with companies dealing with crytocurrencies…

Asheesh K Shukla

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