Vision: 3/19/17

A swirling vortex in my stomach sucks my body into itself. The journey has started. I’m falling and slipping and spinning all at once. It seems like hours pass. My mind is reaching out for something! anything to grab onto!

Suddenly, the spinning stops. Every cell in my body reorganize themselves into their positions. My eyes open.

I’m sitting on a bus. There is only one other passenger. The bus seems to be autonomous (there is no driver?). Outside there are many tall coniferous trees. We seem to be driving through a forest.

They whispered something from across the aisle. I can’t determine what they said. They are wearing heavy brown jacket. Two long grey curls are sticking out of the parka. I blink.

The stranger is now at the front of the bus. They are about to exit. I assume it is their stop.

Before stepping out the door, the stranger looks me in the eyes and whispers:

“Death is coming.”

I blink.

The bus is filled with people; they are talking. The stranger is gone. I try to communicate with the fellow riders. I am unable to speak.

I look outside the window. The trees…the trees are the same. It’s a loop! I try to open the window but it is locked.

I blink.

I’m standing at the front door inside the bus. No person is in sight. I step outside into a soft breeze. A bright light invades my eyes. Around me everything is flat there are no trees. It is snowing.

The bus engine revs and the door closes behind me. It leaves behind a set of tracks in the snow. I try to chase after it. I trip and fall face first into the snow. Except it doesn’t taste like snow. I spit the substance out of my mouth. It tastes awful.

I roll onto my back and look into the grey haze. It isn’t snowing. This isn’t snow. It’s soot. It’s snowing ashes and soot!

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