Instagram allows use of features without having to access app.

Instagram is one of the major powerhouses in the social media world. Until now it was one of the few platforms that was accessible by smart phone application. Instagram is allowing users to use a handful of features without even opening the app. Users can browse other profiles, use the search function, and even use part of the explore feature. The ability to post pictures without using the Instagram app is what has got everyone talking. Users will only need to access from their mobile device to use all of these features including posting pictures.

I think this is a great step for Instagram to take. I personally use Instagram daily, and it is one of the few social media platforms I truly enjoy. I think this will have the biggest impact on people with older generations of smart phones. Applications are always updating and requiring newer software that some phones don’t have room for or can’t handle. I usually keep my smart phones until they break and that can be for more than two years. A lot of applications will no longer work with my device because it can’t handle the new software. Instagram is bringing a change to this and I think it will only help increase their daily users.

I think this is only a positive move by Instagram. Not everyone will be using it, but I there will be a lot of people who need it. No matter how old your phone is or how bad your network is, you can now always use Instagram.

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