List of things I like. I always start these, but never finish, so this time I am pushing it out early:

  1. An open window on an autumn night, rain drops hitting the sidewalk loudly and cars splashing by on a nearby road as background music.
  2. Finding a good song in a sea of bad ones, randomly discovering that even a band or artist you don’t particularly love has a song that just speaks to you and then listening to it every hour for a week before you burn out on it.
  3. When kittens get so tired they just collapse and konk out. And you’re like wow, they collapsed and they look at you with a little sassy look like yeah I did, what are you gonna do about it before they start purring.
  4. Movies that surprise me by being better than I think they’ll be or having a unique aspect, especially if t hey’re poorly rated or people are divided about their acceptance. For example, M Night Shyamalan’s latest movie got me good in a certain way. Loved it, especially because it was a dark horse.
  5. White mechanical keyboards with softer colors, looks like snow and LED lights.
  6. When I really get into a game, like against all odds, the game just consumes me and it’s all I can think about for a few days. Horizon Zero Dawn, Secrets of Grindea, Punch Club, Kingdom, Northgard are the more recent ones. PUBG is a mainstream one.
  7. When an authority figure says I was integral or did well, makes me feel very valued out of the blue without any show — not some award, not some “you are amazing” speech, but a subtle nod like you matter and we appreciate you.
  8. My cats.
  9. The Pacific Northwest.
  10. A good conversation, one where there isn’t a lull and you don’t want it to end and there feels like there’s lightning between you and the other person and it goes on for hours and you feel the effect for a day.
  11. The Witcher 3’s weather effects, Skyrim’s weather effects, Fallout’s weather effects: in general, weather effects in games, but especially 3D ones that do it well. The original that capture me was Ocarina of Time.
  12. LED lights, bright and shiny things. I love how LED has become popular — the mousepad I have is LED and a friend got me a review copy and it makes my day daily. :)
  13. Ice cubes, crunching and munching on them.
  14. Online window shopping through Etsy or Amazon.
  15. My new job (But is it really new if I’ve been working here unofficially since April and May officially?)
  16. Pumpkins and pine trees, especially Halloween/Christmas decorations.
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