When One should start Yoga

Yoga is the science of life. It is not merely the science of postures nor merely the science of breathing or the science of the mind. It is that science of life, the complete life in its totality, therefore, the right moment to introduce yoga is when the life begins so that the individual is born complete,

After all if we ask the farmer at which stage should they start to seek perfection in a plant to get excellent quality of crop, they will tell you that perfection has to be sought right from very first stage at the time they decide to get a good crop. From the stage of germination of seed to ripping of fruit each and every step should be taken very properly and in planned manner.

This applies in human beings as well. We all (human being, animals plants) are Gods creation. But only humans have intelligence and ability to know, feel and express the feelings.

Therefore, when we want to introduce Yoga as Therapy, we should think about it from the moment two individuals decides to conceive a child. Fortunately, in Indian society our mothers, grandmothers taking full responsibility of protecting our cultural heritage. A would be mother has to carry forward so many ancient cultural moral values to her next generation. Yoga could be one of them rater then one, Yoga should be must of them,

Because of Yoga only a would be mother can enjoy her pregnancy period with very calm and peaceful manner. She can give a better and healthy life to her baby.

In the epic-“Mahabharata” Abhimanyu (son of Arjuna and Subhadra) was an example of this type of education system.

In Ujjain Yoga Life Society we all are trying to maintain this cultural heritage very well by giving Yoga sessions to would be mothers in their pregnancy period. Here they get complete knowledge of Yogic lifestyle i.e. what to wear, what to eat, what should be their behavior, how they breath, and about their physical conditions also.

When a child become 4–5 years of age in our Kids Yoga camp He/she can learn how to sit properly, how to breath properly, how to react appropriately in short how to live harmoniously in this beautiful world. In very early age he/she can adopt Yoga as lifestyle not as a one or two hour session. So that we can inculcate our rich value system in them at very initial stage.

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