Install Microsoft Office 2013 through of MS office Setup

MS Office Setup helps to install Microsoft office 2013 on www, Our dedicated technicians take care of every issue related to Microsoft office or your computer configuration for installation. With the help of Office Setup we can install Microsoft office 2013 on www, You can self help by following the instructions to complete installation of MS office. We can also easily install MS Office by ourselves by purchasing 25 digit product key. Then we can install it by following the instructions.

  1. 25 digit product key for your product.

2. A Microsoft account to install Office.

3. Our Computer should be connected to internet for installation.

These days installing Microsoft Office is quite easy and hassle free, you just need 25 digit product key to install it on any computer which is above win 7. We can open and check it anywhere on any device as Office 365 is there for Windows, Mac and android.

We can now install MS Office by ourselves by downloading website,com/setup to download and install it by ourselves within a few steps.
 How to setup your Microsoft Office product
1. First we should have the 25 digit Product Key. We can find it from the activation card included with our Microsoft Office product package.
 2. Then we have to open the website,com/setup in our web browser, we need to enter the product key carefully and click on “Get Started” button to continue.
 3. Then we have to sign in with our Microsoft Account. If we don’t have one, just click on the “Sign Up Now” button to create our own account.
 4. On the next page, select our country and language, select our system and click on the ‘Install” button. Then we just need to wait several minutes to complete the installation process.

If you still need any assistance to install Microsoft office, feel free to call our Microsoft office support phone number +1–855–441–4419.

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