The Hands

What is the most powerful thing our hands ever did for us?

Say read this.

For you, the most powerful thing your hand ever did was too beat someone for a crime he committed. Or to save someone in trouble.

For her, the most poweful thing her hands ever did was to point. To point at the things that make her want to kill herself.

For him, the most powerful thing he ever did was to cover the eyes of his girl. So that she will have to trust his word. Not knowing if he will cheat or he will not. To cover it up, for her not to judge him for what she sees.

For them, the most powerful thing their hands ever did. Was to hold each other. For the life they wanted wasn't always perfect but, they said it was worth it.

For the children, the most powerful thing their hands ever did was to snap, to snap if the want something so that they would have to have it in an instance.

For the religious ones, the most powerful thing their hands ever and is still doing is to clap and pray for the Lord. As it is said, it is the purpose of each and everyone to worship and glorify the Lord.

For the politics, the most powerful thing their hands ever did was to put it behind their backs so no one must know. If they’re either holding a gun or a plan. Not knowing if they would kill you or they would need you.

But for me. 
The most powerful thing my hands ever did to me and is still doing.
Is to put it in my mouth, so no one would hear me scream nor cry. 
Is to wipe my eyes before my tears would roll down my face. 
Is to cover my ears for the things I didn’t want to hear. 
And lastly, is to hold on to something. Even if all I ever wanted is to let go.

All the love,