But it doesn’t matter what message you think you are sending, because no one will receive it. No one is listening. The system is set up so that every choice other than ‘R’ or ‘D’ boils down to “I defer to the judgement of my fellow citizens.” It’s easy to argue that our system shouldn’t work like that. It’s impossible to argue it doesn’t work like that.
There’s No Such Thing As A Protest Vote
Clay Shirky

LOL, the democrats will be listening when their coronated queen loses to a loser like donald in november.

and voting for a third party IS NOT A PROTEST VOTE jesus fucking christ. i want the greens to have long term success in this country, the only way to do so is to keep voting for them and keep spreading the message that yes — there are other choices! 5% of the vote equals federal matching funds and ballot access. in the next election, the greens dont have to waste all that time and money just trying to get on a fucking ballot.

fuck out of here with your antidemocratic attitude. a two party system that is nearly the same outside of social wedge issues IS NOT A DEMOCRACY. shaming people for “protest voting” is really sick. if you loved your country, you would respect people voting their conscience and for what they want rather than who they fear less. sickening.

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