You’re talking about programs that existed before either of us were born — programs before there…
Matt Chessen

no. it just goes to show what the government is capable of. oh, theyre not doing it right now? BULLSHIT. they infiltrated occupy wall street, they infiltrated black lives matter, theyve been infiltrating domestic animal rights and environmental rights groups for years. theyve been infiltrating anarchist groups for years. domestic spying used to be a conspiracy theory until snowden proved it was real.

remember when the MSM was gung ho about the iraq WMDs? how did that turn out? well, haliburton lined their pockets. eventually, the truth came out — and the MSM had to recant all of their bullshit in a series of pathetic, too little, too late mea culpas.

go ahead, drink the government propaganda kool aid known as the MSM. the rest of us have our eyes wide open.

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